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Secrets of Loneliness//Clubbgroove Records

Forever//More Music

Break//Globe Music
One day in our Life (with Bodo Felusch) //Unvirtual Music
Green Room//Three Elements Recordings

My Pain EP//Three Elements Recordings

X-Type//Unvirtual Music & UP Recordings

No One//Pastdeux Rec USA

Details (Album)//Stereoflex Records

Your Green Eyes//Pastdeux Rec USA

Derby(with Fabrice Ehret)//Stereoflex Records

World Series EP//Noreira Records

Twisted//Noreira Records


Bounce THE REMIXES//Earthgrooves Records

Strangers in the fight//Noreira Records

Daha//UP Recordings

Chasing Stars (with Olivier Malone)//Unvirtual Music

Shammers//Noreira Records

The Carmel//Noreira Records

Together (with Paul Bankewitz)//Noreira Records

Kings Cross//Noreira Records

Vega EP//Noreira Records

Cloud City//Noreira Records

Manhattan Look//Noreira Records

SEN//Noreira Records

Mirasol//Noreira Records

Mirasol THE REMIXES//Noreira Records

Cara//Noreira Records

Identities//Noreira Records

Aurora//Noreira Records

You Remember//Noreira Records

Ronin//Noreira Records

Momentum//Noreira Black

Acid Starz//Noreira Black

Siberia 4256//Noreira Black

Disconnected//Noreira Records

Waimea//Cosmopolitan Flavour

CAN//Noreira Records

Anagram (feat Uli Poeppelbaum, D-Chai)//UP Recordings

DERB (Barbaros Remix) JensO&Spacekid//Shoonz Rec





MOD//Hangin on//Barbaros Hangin Loose RMX//ZYX Music

Tom Borijn//Funky Music//Barbaros Funky Ass RMX//Clubbgroove White

MOD//Summer DeLuxe//Barbaros Sunrise at Waimea RMX//ZYX Music

UP pres Eigenart//Free your mind//Barbaros Oldskool RMX//Clubbgroove

Freifall//Harte Worte//Barbaros 4 Deeds Street RMX//Stereoflex

Uli Poeppelbaum//Progressiv//Barbaros Prog mix//Stereo Poems

Marcus Decay // Pearls // Barbaros RMX //Three Elements Recordings

Uli Poeppelbaum & Miss Peppermint // Schlaraffenland // Barbaros RMX//Stereo Poems

Bodo Felusch // Hobbybitch // Barbaros Eclipse RMX //Unvirtual Music

Eigenart // Wenn die Dämmerung // Barbaros in Search RMX //ZYX Music

Orquesm // Teknoot // Barbaros French Eyes RMX // Unvirtual Music

Leach // Eve by dawn // Barbaros Remix // Unvirtual Music

Bodo Felusch // Pancake // Barbaros Remix// Unvirtual Music

Sebastian Davidson // Sunday Morning // Barbaros & Sandrino RMX // NightDrive Music

Jon Aguilar//Elena // Barbaros Dub & Vocal RMX//Stereo Poems

Eigenart // Gattaca Identify // Barbaros 2020 RMX // TriBoro Affairs

Philipp Konnert // Birkenstrasse // Barbaros RMX // Noreira Records

Marcus Decay // Naked Truth // Barbaros RMX // Earthgrooves

Corti Organ // J.LU // Barbaros RMX // Fenology Records

Fetzer & Hennig // Disfruta tu vida // Barbaros RMX // Noreira Records

Bodo Felusch // H.E.E.e.Y // Barbaros RMX  // Noreira Records

Sounom // Nous Redisons // Barbaros 2020 RMX // Noreira Records

Karlo Weinberg // Dark Sun // Barbaros 2020 RMX // Noreira Records

Moinzen & Gothen// Valentine//Barbaros Remix//Noreira Records

Marcus Decay//Shambles//Barbaros´lost for years Remix//Noreira Records

Andre Wildenhues//Highnoon//Barbaros Remix//UP Recordings

D-Chai//Point Break//Barbaros 2020 Remix//Noreira Records

D-Chai//Tayoe//Barbaros 2020 Remix//Noreira Records

Frank Krumsdorf//Good News//Barbaros aVeRemix//Evosonic Records

Huthamaki//The Truth// Barbaros Remix//Noreira Records

Filippo Forcella//Spirit of Pydna//Barbaros Remix//Oyxtech Records Ltd

Philipp Konnert//Pitch Black//Eccodan Remix//Noreira RecBlack Edition

Paulo Munhoz//Be what//Barbaros aVe Remix//Duo Box Rec Brazil

Klangwald feat Selda//Freiheit//Barbaros Remix//Lickin Rec

Konih//Circular//Barbaros Remix//Noreira Black

Ignition//No edit//Barbaros Remix//No Edit Records

Matziz//Ferry//Barbaros Remix//Evosonic Records

Toni Rios//Facets//Barbaros & Pepe Fulgheri Remix//Blu Fin Records

Toni Rios//Morning Symphony//Barbaros Remix//Blu Fin Records






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